Mark McGwire recently joined a handful of MLB players who have publicly acknowledged their use of performance enhancing substances during their playing careers. While the Mantle Family is pleased that another player has stepped forward, we feel strongly that America’s youth needs to be educated about the dangers of taking steroids. Thus, the Mantle Family encourages MLB and the players who used steroids to work together to produce Public Service Announcements to discourage today’s youth from taking steroids, alcohol and/or doing drugs.

Also, the use of performance enhancing substances in MLB has damaged the integrity of baseball and the accuracy of the record books. Many records, that were set in the last 20 years, were steroid enhanced. The first step to righting the wrong is to know who the users were. Thus, the Mantle Family would like to encourage all MLB steroid users to step forward and set the record straight in an effort to regain the support and trust of baseball fans all across this great country. We hope and pray that you agree with us so we can put this tainted era of baseball behind us in a respectful way.

The Mantle Family