The Mick vs. The Say Hey Kid

Ever since 1951, baseball fans have been asking the question, "Who's the better all around baseball player - Willie Mays or Mickey Mantle? Looking at the statistics below makes it difficult for anyone to draw a quick conclusion as both players were fairly evenly matched. Both were gifted players who dominated their respective leagues for [...]

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The Late Great Mickey Mantle Besmirched By ‘TELL-ALL’ Book

by Mark Skousen Many consider Mickey Mantle the greatest baseball player ever, next to Babe Ruth, and he is certainly the greatest switch-hitter in baseball history. Mantle-related items like signed baseballs and bats command the highest prices of any ball player, past or present, with the exception of Ruth. He had a magnetic personality that [...]

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Baseball and Steroids

Mark McGwire recently joined a handful of MLB players who have publicly acknowledged their use of performance enhancing substances during their playing careers. While the Mantle Family is pleased that another player has stepped forward, we feel strongly that America's youth needs to be educated about the dangers of taking steroids. Thus, the Mantle Family [...]

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Awkward Combination Of History Book, Tabloid And Memoir

by Randall Swearingen "The Last Boy" by Jane Leavy is an awkward combination of a history book, a newsstand tabloid and a personal memoir. Most of the first fifteen chapters are an interesting history book about Mantle's childhood, the mining industry in Picher, and a couple of Mickey's historic games. Interspersed are chapters about the [...]

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A Letter From Danny And David Mantle To Mickeys’ Fans

In light of a new book that was just released, we felt compelled to make this public statement. Was dad an alcoholic? Yes, he could be unruly sometimes and say rude things but alcohol does that to people. It makes a person say and do things that they normally wouldn't do and say. When he [...]

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World Series Records vs. Post Season Records

MLB Needs to Abandon Post-Season Stats and Adopt Play-Off and World Series Stats It's interesting to think back in 1961 when Roger Maris' home run record was asterisked because he played in just 8 more games than Babe Ruth. MLB made a separate record book for the longer season. Why is it that today MLB [...]

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Mickey’s Historic Homer On Trial!

Fifty-five years after the fact, Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports smugly presented a stunning indictment, with help from his expert witness, author Bill Jenkinson, that the 565’ blast by Mickey Mantle on April 17th, 1953 at Griffith Stadium is merely a myth and could not possibly have travelled that far. The prosecution’s entire case rests [...]

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