A small selection of celebrity photos

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  • 61* Premiere (left to right) Billy Crystal, Kay Mantle, Will Mantle, Danny Mantle, Thomas Jane, Merlyn Mantle

  • 61* Premiere (left to right) Billy Crystal, Merlyn Mantle, Patricia Maris

  • 61* Premiere (left to right) Merlyn Mantle, Billy Crystal, Robin Williams, Danny Mantle and Seymour Cassel

  • Bottom row (left to right) Danny Mantle, Linda Ruth (Babe's granddaughter), David Mantle, Will Mantle

  • Lynyrd Skynyrd members Rickey Medlocke and Gary Rossington

  • Mickey Mantle escorting Charlie Daniels to the stage where he introduced him for his concert after the game at Yankee Stadium on Aug 27, 1989