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A small selection of celebrity photos

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  • Mickey Mantle escorting Charlie Daniels to the stage where he introduced him for his concert after the game at Yankee Stadium on Aug 27, 1989

  • Lynyrd Skynyrd members Rickey Medlocke and Gary Rossington

  • 61* Premiere (left to right) Merlyn Mantle, Billy Crystal, Robin Williams, Danny Mantle and Seymour Cassel

  • 61* Premiere (left to right) Billy Crystal, Merlyn Mantle, Patricia Maris

  • 61* Premiere (left to right) Billy Crystal, Kay Mantle, Will Mantle, Danny Mantle, Thomas Jane, Merlyn Mantle

  • Bottom row (left to right) Danny Mantle, Linda Ruth (Babe's granddaughter), David Mantle, Will Mantle


  1. Tony Costanzo January 17, 2017 at 9:10 am - Reply

    I got to meet the Mick at an appearance at the Pittsburgh airport in 1994. He was there for a quick visit to promote the All Star Game. I got my picture with him and an autographed baseball. What a thrill!! I still have the picture displayed in my den. It will be there forever!!

  2. Carl Bocchicchio October 20, 2017 at 4:22 pm - Reply

    I was a young Mickey fan back in Brooklyn before they marketed baseball tee-shirts in the1960’s. I would take black shoe polish and on a white tee shirt and I would write the majestic and powerful number “7” on the back of the shirt. I was so proud to wear that shirt in the neighborhood and especially playing stickball on the streets of Brooklyn.

    I met your Dad ( Mr. Mantle — The Mick) in Jacksonville, Florida (1989) at a baseball autograph show, and I was with my wife and baby son. There was a big line behind me and I got on the stage and I asked the Mr. Mantle if I can take a picture of him with my camera; and of course he said yes. Wouldn’t you know it that my camera started to act up and Mr. Mantle observed that I was panicking, and he said to me “it’s okay son–slow down . I replied their is a lot of people behind me and Mr.Mantle replied “don’t worry.” I proceeded to take the photo of Mr. Mantle, with my wife and baby son who was approximately 8 months old. Mr. Mantle then signed my baseball, in which I treasure to this day, and he added the inscription under his beautiful signature, “No. 7.” What a man!

    Thank you for being so courteous, gracious, pleasant and kind to me and my family.

    Carl D. Bocchicchio

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