Home Run

1st Indoor Home Run

The date was April 9, 1965. The place was the Houston Astrodome (the proclaimed Eighth Wonder of the World). 47,876 excited fans jammed into the Astrodome to watch the fist indoor major league baseball game as the Houston Astros took on Mickey Mantle and the New York Yankees. Yankee manager Johnny Keane gave Mickey Mantle [...]

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1 Arm, 2 Homers, 3 Game Sweep

As the 2nd place Detroit Tigers came to Yankee Stadium on September 1st, the Yankees held a slim 1 1/2 game lead over them. The Yankees won the first two games of the three game series. In the second game, on a check swing, Mickey badly pulled a muscle in his left forearm. He then [...]

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Birth of the Tape Measure Home Run

Only five days after Mickey Mantle Jr. was born, the Yankees were in Washington to play the Senators. Only 4,206 fans were in the stands that historic day as Chuck Stobbs was on the mound for the Senators facing 21 year old Mickey Mantle. In the top of the fifth inning, Mickey stepped to the [...]

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