In Loving Memory of Merlyn Mantle

01/28/32 – 08/10/09
[fusion_testimonials backgroundcolor=”#fce4b8″ textcolor=”#000000″ class=”” id=””] [fusion_testimonial name=”Mickey Mantle” avatar=”image” image=”×80.jpg” company=”” link=”” target=”_self”]There is no way I can put a better spin on this and I won’t even try. Merlyn was the only woman I loved for a lifetime, and I didn’t want a divorce. She was always going to be my wife, if she wanted to be. I let that be known.[/fusion_testimonial][/fusion_testimonials]
Merlyn faced many extraordinarily difficult challenges during her life, but through love, devotion, courage and strength, she conquered them all. She stood by Mickey through thick and thin and loved him dearly until her dying day. She was an extraordinary and classy woman who, one day if her life story becomes known, will be an inspiration to women around the world. You will be missed Merlyn. May eternal peace and happiness be with you and The Mick.

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  • Merlyn Mantle

  • (clockwise from top left) Mickey Jr., Danny, David, Billy, Merlyn, Mickey

  • July 1965 (clockwise from top left) David, Merlyn, Mickey, Mickey Jr., Billy and Danny