Ford, Mantle and Berra

//Ford, Mantle and Berra

Ford, Mantle and Berra

Will Mantle, grandson of Mickey Mantle, stands between two Yankee legends, Whitey Ford and Yogi Berra on September 24, 2011 during the celebration to commemorate Roger Maris’ 61 Home Runs in 1961. Will’s dad, Danny, along with David Mantle were also on hand for the festivities.


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  1. Bryan June 2, 2017 at 1:32 am - Reply

    I remember the day that my dad told me that Mickey Mantle retired. I was 5 years old and asked him what are we going to do. He told me “Idon’t know.” Always my Yankee hero. My Yankee of all Yankee’s. I like to think that Mick looks over all the new Yankees today and that they will not let him down.

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